An Introduction

Ivy & Tweed is our little world of BIG dreams, mostly run by me (Candice), but very much inspired by the whole family. I can still see the familiar streets where Mr. Hackett and I walked hand in hand and the world of Ivy & Tweed was first imagined. Every word spoken was bursting with possibility and each idea led to another and then another.

In 2014 we brought the brand of Ivy & Tweed to life through my photography business, believing that this was only the beginning. What we didn’t know was that one day there would be twins. And those darling twins would spark even more inspiration into our work than we could have ever dreamed.

So here we are. A mama, her girls, and her beloved Mr. Hackett, pursuing the kind of life we dream to live.

I’m so very happy you’ve found us. Thank you for being here.