little ivy & tweed : bloomers, baskets & pumpkins

This weekend we took our favorite market baskets (both the mama & mini sizes) to the pumpkin patch and stuffed them with as many pumpkins as we could fit. And goodness, I just can’t help but to admire how pretty a basketful of pumpkins is. Then it gets even when they are all displayed on the front porch with the helping hands of the sweetest sisters. I keep wanting to step outside, just see our pumpkins. Truly, there is just so much about this season that fills my heart to the brim.

And now I want to share a little about these outfits. It’s been my dream, even before the girls were born, to be able to make my babies their clothes. I simply cannot even tell you how much it warms my heart to see my little darlings toddling around in a wardrobe that was made by their mama with all the love in the world. I sometimes pinch myself thinking about a year ago when I would pray that I wouldn’t unthread my (borrowed) sewing machine, because I had no idea what I was doing, but gosh I was determined. And then there are days like these where I see how these babies have brought me to life. They’ve given me a purpose to push myself to be better, to learn more and create with intention. And there are really no words to describe just how right the world feels in these moments.

On that note, I realize I haven’t shared a whole lot about the journey to this Ivy & Tweed Lifestyle shop, and I definitely hope to change that really soon. But there pages and pages of stories to tell and feelings to share, so for now, I will leave you a few pictures of my precious girls and our fall decorations for this old tacoma home (built in 1880).

Details & Links:

Bloomers: Ivy & Tweed

Blouses: Ivy & Tweed (coming soon)

Sweaters: Zara Baby

Knee Highs-Cream: The Little Collective

Knee Highs- Grey: Amazon

Boots: Josmo

Baskets: Ivy & Tweed

Pumpkins: Picha’s Pumpkin Patch

Mums: Metropolitan Market- Proctor

Front Door Wreath: Pottery Barn

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