The Short Story : Life Update

Dear Friends,

It’s been two and half years since I took my one year break from social media, which has incidentally lasted longer than anticipated (still no immediate plans to return). That leaves me with a LOT of catching up to do.

When I left social media in May of 2016, I was grieving the loss of our first pregnancy. Life had changed. I had changed. And I needed space to get acquainted with the new version of life and self that were becoming.

In that space, through deep pain, tremendous joy, and a whole lot of UNEXPECTED happenings, I have found a new version of confidence and purpose—one I happily embrace. Change, though hard, has been a beautiful blessing.

Now to catch you up to speed. Here’s the very short version of a long story. We purchased a house, found out we were expecting a baby, learned our baby was actually BABIES(!), welcomed our twin GIRLS (surprise genders), Jane Shirley and Lucy Marie into the family, Mr. Hackett left his career of eight years to finish his degree at PLU, we moved to Yakima to be closer to my family, sold our house in Tacoma, moved back to Tacoma (into a rental built in 1880), sold our only car and purchased family cargo bikes to take a spin at life on two wheels.

With all of that (and so much more), as our lives continue to change, naturally my business is shifting alongside us. While photography remains a part of Ivy & Tweed, over the past year I’ve been [very] slowly creating/curating an Ivy & Tweed Lifestyle Brand that is a direct reflection of the things that bring joy to our home and family (**hint** most of it is baby related).

It’s a joy to be back in this space, sharing this venture and inviting you into our little world of BIG DREAMS!

Thank you always for your constant support and encouragement though every season.

Candice Hackett1 Comment